Chamber music is an important aspect of being a musician. We have been incredibly lucky to have the amazing University of Iowa String Quartet Residency Program. Because of the limited chamber music repertoire, sometimes it is difficult to form a group with other instruments. Since chamber music plays an important role in developing ensemble skills, intonation, listening, and collaboration with your colleagues, it is important to find a way to incorporate it into your musical development.

Students are highly encouraged to participate in a bass ensemble. Each semester, groups are formed in quartets, trios or duos depending on level and availability of each student. Each group will be coached for one hour a week. All ensembles participate in a concert at the end of the semester. Occasionally an opportunity comes up to perform a concert within the community as well. Students are encouraged to seek concert engagements outside of the university as well.

Students have the choice to take bass ensembles for chamber music credit. Those who choose not to receive credit must still abide by the syllabus.